Three Questions to reflect on as we move into 2023

1. By the end of this new year, how would I like things to be different?

(What systems would need to be in place and what actions would need to occur for that to happen? Who can help me to achieve this?)

2. What do I want to spend more time on this year?

(What makes my heart sing? Who lifts me up? What do I look forward to to completing?)

3. What do I want to spend less time on this year?

(What do I dread and wish to do less of? Who or what brings me down? Where or what am I wasting my time on?)

Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog

Something to “chew” on… 🙃
Khai Lin Chuah

Khai Lin Chuah

@Martin Lindeskog Yes, definitely something to think about and ponder as we start our year. And Happy New Year. :)
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